Your Questions Answered

Do I have to upload my documents online ?

If you do not feel comfortable uploading your documents through our secure network, simply complete the application form without uploading files, and we will be in touch to finalise the application.

Which areas in the UK do you service ?

We offer our services to all U.K and Northern Ireland businesses.

How soon will I get the funds ?

Once we have received your application, you will be assigned a representative who will be with you all along the way. Once approved for funding, you can have the funds in your account on the same day.

Why should I use you over a bank?

In an RBI, we do not take equity in the business. Our interest is in line with your interest as a business owner, as we both benefit from revenue growth. This is in contrast to a bank loan which has fixed monthly payments over the life of the loan, regardless of your revenue.

If I apply, will my credit be affected ?

No. Your application is secure and confidential, and we will not release any information to third parties.

What is a Royalty Based Investment ?

RBI is financial capital provided to small and growing businesses in return for a specified percentage of ongoing gross revenues. The returns to QM GB continue until the initial capital amount, plus a factor rate is repaid.

What is the maximum amount you invest ?

We fund businesses up to £250,000. Usually we take your business' 3 months revenue average, and can give up to 130% of that.

If I payoff early, is there a penalty ?

On the contrary. As you and your business are our main priority, we allow you to close your account at any time without any extra charges.

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